Tulip Cups

Features of Baking Trays:

Icon Suitable for all ovens up to 220°C

Icon Suitable for freezing

Icon Biodegradable and recyclable paper

Erkap’s Tulip Cups is made from greaseproof, recyclable and ovenable papers. The paper is non-stick and food grade. It can be baked until 220° C.

The Tulip Cups can be used in automated production lines.

Tulip Cups
ER0610150 mm160 x 160 mmWhite
ER0610250 mm160 x 160 mmBrown
ER0610350 mm160 x 160 mmYellow
ER0610450 mm160 x 160 mmBlue
ER0610550 mm160 x 160 mmPurple
ER0610650 mm160 x 160 mmPink
ER0610750 mm160 x 160 mmGreen
ER0610850 mm160 x 160 mmRed
ER0610950 mm120 x 120 mmWhite
ER0611050 mm120 x 120 mmBrown
ER0611150 mm120 x 120 mmYellow
ER0611250 mm120 x 120 mmBlue
ER0611350 mm120 x 120 mmPurple
ER0611450 mm120 x 120 mmPink
ER0611550 mm120 x 120 mmGreen
ER0611650 mm120 x 120 mmRed
Mini Tulip Cases
ER0620132 mm110 x 110 mmWhite
ER0620232 mm110 x 110 mmBrown
ER0620332 mm110 x 110 mmYellow
ER0620432 mm110 x 110 mmBlue
ER0620532 mm110 x 110 mmPurple
ER0620632 mm110 x 110 mmPink
ER0620732 mm110 x 110 mmGreen
ER0620832 mm110 x 110 mmRed
Cup Tulip Cases
ER0630150 mm160 x 160 mmWhite
ER0630250 mm160 x 160 mmBrown
ER0630350 mm160 x 160 mmYellow
ER0630450 mm160 x 160 mmBlue
ER0630550 mm160 x 160 mmPurple
ER0630650 mm160 x 160 mmPink
ER0630750 mm160 x 160 mmGreen
ER0630850 mm160 x 160 mmRed