Crimped Cases

Features of Baking Trays:

Icon Suitable for all ovens up to 220°C

Icon Suitable for freezing

Icon Biodegradable and recyclable paper

Erkap’s Crimped Cases is made from greaseproof, recyclable and ovenable papers. The paper is non-stick and food grade. It can be baked until 220°C.

The Crimped Cases can be used in automated production lines.

Round Cups
ER0110123 mm17.5 mm
ER0110226 mm16 mm
ER0110330 mm20 mm
ER0110432 mm12 mm
ER0110532 mm18 mm
ER0110632 mm21 mm
ER0110732 mm23 mm
ER0110835 mm12.5 mm
ER0110935 mm22.5 mm
ER0111040 mm22.5 mm
ER0111140 mm15 mm
ER0111244 mm26 mm
ER0111348 mm27.5 mm
ER0111450 mm20 mm
ER0111550 mm27.5 mm
ER0111650 mm29 mm
ER0111755 mm32.5 mm
ER0111855 mm48 mm
ER0111960 mm18 mm
ER0112060 mm25 mm
ER0112170 mm20 mm
ER0112270 mm30 mm
ER0112380 mm30 mm
ER0112485 mm30 mm
ER01125114 mm30 mm
Eclair Cups
ER01201105 mm40 mm25 mm
ER0120272 mm28 mm20 mm
Pie Cup
ER0140170 mm30 mm5 mm